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About The Prime Portfolio

It’s never too early to start saving for the future. It could be for university fees, early retirement or even a rainy day fund. In today’s economy, just saving isn’t enough anymore. Inflationary pressures are constantly eating away at your cash base. The solution is investing that money so that it can earn returns above inflation.

The difference between just saving money and investing it can be monumental. To put it into perspective, saving R50 p/m for 30 years would get you R18 000, but investing the same amount at a 5% rate of return (which is pretty low) would get you up to R40 000 after the same period.

We can help you do exactly that from R50 p/m. The best part is that you remain in complete control of your funds at all times. We simply provide you with equity research reports and ratings to help you decide which stocks to invest in. Don’t like a specific company? Don’t invest. It’s really that simple. You decide how much you want to invest each month and use our reports to help you decide where to invest that money. This means that virtually anyone can afford to invest no matter what they earn monthly.

To make the whole process easier and show investors how our picks are doing, we will be running a portfolio alongside our reports. This will be updated based on our reports and a summary made available to investors on a monthly basis.

Getting Started

First of all, investors need to get a trading account set up. For that, we recommend Easy Equities. They are 100% South African and have some of the lowest fees in the industry. Learn more about opening an account with them by clicking here and more info on how to invest here.

Secondly, to start getting exclusive access to our reports, click on the button below. It’ll take you to the Payfast website to get the entire process started. From there, you’ll receive an email each time we post a new report with a special code that can be used to download that report from the Gumroad website. Alternatively, you can just visit our website and use your special code to gain access to any of the reports listed on there.


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